Read Our FAQ’s On How To Become A Stronger & More Engaging Leader

What Format Are The Coaching And Training Sessions?

The sessions usually run for 1-2 hours to review previous session outcomes, then broadly follow setting a session focus or goal to explore the current situation, create and identify opportunities and narrow those into action points where appropriate. As our Executive Coaching and Leadership Training is bespoke the session format varies from client to client and can be adapted and moulded to shape your individual or team needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Coaching?

Executive Coaching has many benefits for both individuals and organisations. These include building resilience, decision making, team cohesion and motivation and employee development. Please see Workplaces Challenges for a deeper understanding on how coaching could benefit you and your team.

Where Are You Based And What Distance Do You Cover?

We are based in Surrey but travel all over the UK for both Executive Coaching and Leadership Training. The bespoke nature of our services and expertise mean that we are adaptable, flexible and can meet you where suitable. Online coaching is also available, please get in touch to find out more.

How Long Is The Coaching Or Training Process?

As the programmes are personalised, we will work at your pace. Timeframes are always dependant on the brief discussed with the client and can vary from 1 session to ongoing coaching. Typically a programme of 6 sessions is recommended, when a longer term plan can then be arranged if appropriate.

Who Is Executive Coaching For?

Coaching is for everyone and all programmes are designed to meet the clients needs. Coaching can provide support and development for both under and high performers, supporting the implementation of high performing development programmes.

1. Executive Coaching is for decision makers, those who have authority to implement change within the organisation. 
2. Transformational Coaching is typically for any level to build and create self awareness and improve overall life and wellbeing balance which will lead naturally to performance improvements. 
3. Leadership Coaching, which is part of transformational coaching will focus on self awareness development and developing a leadership style that is both inspiring and aligned to the leaders values and behaviours. 

Do You Offer A Confidentiality Agreement?

Confidentiality is a key part of the coaching contract, all sessions are held in the strictest confidentiality and any information shared from the sessions are agreed with the participant. The only exception to this is a coaches legal obligation to break confidentiality for example: if there is a serious risk of harm to self or others. All confidentiality boundaries are discussed and agreed prior to any coaching contract agreement. 

What Industries Do You Cover?

Coaching is effective and applied across all industries and does not require industry specific knowledge. We have helped clients from all walks of life to become stronger and more engaging leaders.

What Are The Next Steps After Coaching?

When the agreed sessions are complete, a discussion will then take place to mutually agree the best and most beneficial steps to continue to apply your learnings. There will also be additional training options should participants wish to continue their journey to becoming a stronger and more engaging leader. Email and telephone support if offered where needed.

How Can I Get The Best Results From Coaching Or Training?

In order to get the best outcome from Executive Coaching Or Leadership Training you need to have a broad mind that is ready for change. You must be willing to listen, question and action what is discussed. Executive Coaching and Leadership Training are not quick fixes and require focus and determination from both sides.

What Code Of Ethics Do You Use?

Professional associations code of ethics are broadly similar and you can find the code of ethics that I am committed to on the following links: