Become A Resilient Leader To Better Manage Your Team

The Issue

Building resilience is an integral part of being a leader, as is inspiring resilience in others, in order to achieve success in both your personal and work life. Resilience allows you to cope with stressful situations and challenges. Developing a resilient attitude is sure to enhance your leadership skills and help you deal with challenging situations in a more effective, confident and calm way. A position of leadership brings increased responsibility, making situations of adversity increasingly likely. Since this is unlikely to change, building resilience can help you to navigate working life effectively and help you handle tricky patches when they arise.

No matter how you define success, you will need to be resilient, empowered, authentic, and limber to get there

Joanie Connell

Benefits Of Building Resilience

Being a resilient leader allows you to feel more confident and capable when it comes to managing your team. It can help you deal with making mistakes and to know how to move on, learn from them and thrive as a result – this is what defines a strong and engaging leader. Remember that the bigger the failure, the greater the lesson. The only true failure comes when you give up and stop trying to succeed. Resilient teams are more likely to perform well and grow faster. They experience higher levels of motivation and stronger team cohesion, working together with confidence to play their part in the success and growth of the wider business.

Thoughts To Change 

It is important to remember that while leadership does not tend to become easier or more forgiving, you can learn how to be stronger and more resilient in the face of the challenges it provokes.

  • Be clear and realistic when setting personal and team goals
  • Keep things in perspective and maintain a positive outlook in the face of change
  • Accept that you can’t always influence a situation and learn how to adapt your approach

Do You Want To Build Resilience & Become A More Engaging Leader?

Through Executive Coaching and Leadership Training you are guided through a bespoke plan and set of exercises, that focus on building resilience while highlighting and discussing related issues. This is done through a series of face-to-face sessions, where the thought to change and influence others is instilled on the leader for the benefit of the entire team and success of the business. The ultimate goal is to help Senior Executives, Corporate Leaders and new managers become the strongest, most engaging leaders that they can be.

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