Let Life Coaching Transform Your Life Into One You Love

Life Coaching: Your Guide To Success

Life coaching is normally delivered on a one-to-one basis, focusing on your overall desired goals/outcomes for living your best life. Life coaching usually comprises around nine sessions and can also include a transformation day, involving a guided programme to further enhance your training.

Life coaching is aimed at anyone that wants help in achieving desired goals in their personal or professional life. Your coach can guide you in the right direction and help you set achievable targets and objectives. Life coaching can help you see things from a different perspective, using a non-biased outsider’s view to help you find your personal path to success or happiness. Knowing that you have access to this additional support and advice can give you that much-needed confidence boost to go out and strive for goals that may have previously seemed unrealistic or impossible to achieve.

How Does Life Coaching Work?

Life coaching involves a series of face-to-face sessions between you and your coach. The sessions will start with an in-depth assessment of the relevant issues and any obstacles that you feel are stopping you from moving forward. Then, you will work together on ways in which you can start to overcome them. You will leave with a long-term action plan that is both strategic and realistic. Depending on your individual requirements, your life coach can also support you to:

  • Organise and prioritise tasks to help you work towards your longer-term life goal
  • Close the gap between your current position and where you wish to be
  • Develop new and creative ways of approaching a specific issue
  • Instill a motivated and positive way of thinking and outlook on life

Who Is Life Coaching For?

Life coaching can benefit absolutely anyone who is willing to commit to an action plan to improve their life and achieve a stated goal, whether that is personal or professional. This could include anyone who:

  • Is looking to make a big change, such as a new career or promotion
  • Is struggling to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Has a high level of stress and struggles to focus and prioritise
  • Would like to build motivation to better succeed in the personal or professional setting

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

Is Life Coaching The Same As Counselling?

This is a common question and many people may be overwhelmed at the different options when looking for help handling life’s challenges. So, if you are considering seeking professional help, is a life coach or counsellor right for you?

Coaches and counsellors are very similar in many ways. They both set out to identify and solve problems and focus on helping you reach your full potential. However, there are a few fundamental differences that set them apart:

  • A life coach will challenge you to expand your thinking and processing to help you access the resources within yourself and overcome challenges. It is a very empowering process. A counsellor will help you explore and deal with past trauma or challenges so that these experiences do not control your life and your future. This too can be very empowering.
  • A life coach can work with you on all aspects of your life; however, they are obliged to refer any clients who are affected by poor mental health to the appropriate professional care. Counsellors can support clients with mental ill health issues themselves and help them to either resolve or learn to live with their diagnosis, as appropriate to the professional qualifications they hold.
  • A general guide, or rule of thumb, is that a life coach will spend 80% of the time that they work with you focusing on your future and using your past experiences as building blocks. A counsellor will spend 80% of their time exploring your past experiences so that you can process them and learn how to deal with them effectively as you face the future.

If you want to expand your thinking and feel challenged to reach your full potential, then consider giving life coaching a try this year.