Make Better Decisions To Become A Stronger Leader

The Issue

In a business, decision making can directly affect both success and growth. It is an integral part of being a leader. Teams often look to their leaders to make clear and well-informed decisions that determine both the success of the company and their own personal development as an employee. A lack of direction from a leader can be a huge issue, especially in high-performance teams experiencing rapid growth. Teams may end up feeling mis-managed, lacking strategy or ill-informed about a specific goal.

Benefits Of Being A Good Decision Maker

We make decisions every single day, from deciding what to wear in the morning to choosing what you would like to cook for dinner at night. In business, you will encounter many complex decisions that will affect both short-term objectives and the longer-term future. A good decision maker takes a long-term view about how each decision will affect the business, both now and in ten years’ time. However, it is impossible to consider every potential outcome from a decision, so a degree of resilience and confidence is required, in order to make choices that turn you into a stronger and more engaging leader.

Thoughts To Change

What is a ‘good’ decision? This can differ from business to business, team to team and leader to leader, but ultimately, a good decision can be defined as one that has a specific goal in mind, has had all potential consequences considered and comes with a clear view of how to act upon it to make the chosen action or consequence happen. When making a decision as a leader you also must consider whom else this is going to affect? Will staff be happy with your decision; will it help them grow and develop as a team or does it only take into account specific team members or yourself?

Do You Want To Become A Better Decision Maker & Become A More Engaging Leader?

Through Executive Coaching and Leadership Training you are guided through a bespoke plan and set of exercises, that focus on decision making while highlighting and discussing related issues. This is done through a series of face-to-face sessions, where the thought to change and influence others is instilled on the leader for the benefit of the entire team and success of the business. The ultimate goal is to help Senior Executives, Corporate Leaders and new managers become the strongest, most engaging leaders that they can be.

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