Leading A High-Performance Cohesive Team To Reach Goals Collectively

The Issue

Working in a team is a fundamental part of everyday life, for the majority of businesses. The effectiveness of this team and the collective work ethic has a direct impact on the quality of work that is completed, how and when key goals are achieved and the work culture within the organisation.

Every leader’s dream to develop and manage a cohesive team, that crack on and get the job done to a high standard, but in reality, this isn’t always easy to achieve or maintain. This cohesion is particularly sought-after in high-performance teams, where there may be added stress, more pressure and tight deadlines to adhere to.

Benefits Of Team Cohesion

Understanding and developing team cohesion has many benefits for a leader. The most notable being the diversity of ideas and skills, ultimately resulting in better quality work in a shorter time frame. Badly managed team cohesion can have a negative effect on the day-to-day running and success of a business. This is partly due to the added stress (on both yourself and your staff) that comes from working less efficiently together. Subsequently, poor team cohesion can often have a direct effect on motivation and ultimately, the likelihood of reaching key goals on time.

“Strong and cohesive teams thrive when leaders highlight how much they all have in common, not how much he or she stands above the crowd.”

Moira Alexander

Thoughts To Change

There are many influences on team cohesion, such as attitudes, goals and personalities. As the leader, your own actions influence those who work for you, so you should always be thinking about how to drive the entire team towards the end goal collectively and cohesively. Use your own behaviour to model how you want your team to work and proactively work to minimise road bumps along the way.

Some initial thoughts on how to encourage team cohesion as a leader:

  • Set clear objectives and shared goals
  • Keep communications up
  •  Give the whole team an opportunity to be heard and given respect
  •  Ensure conflicts are spotted and dealt with promptly and correctly
  • Celebrate success in a way that can be shared among the team with fair benefits for all

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

Do You Want To Improve Team Cohesion & Become A More Engaging Leader?

Through Executive Coaching and Leadership Training you are guided through a bespoke plan and set of exercises, that focus on team cohesion while highlighting and discussing related issues. This is done through a series of face-to-face sessions, where the thought to change and influence others is instilled on the leader for the benefit of the entire team and success of the business. The ultimate goal is to help Senior Executives, Corporate Leaders and new managers become the strongest, most engaging leaders that they can be.

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