Professional Certified mBIT Coach 

As human beings, we have three separate intelligences operating in our bodies, each with habits and learned patterns that can either be aligned or out of synch. Knowing how your multiple brains communicate and operate with each other is vital for congruence, success and happiness. This training will certify you to use mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) with your clients. It will help them to set goals that are more sustainable and to experience less internal conflict. Clients will learn how to stop self-sabotaging or and reduce unwanted behaviours. They will see their decision-making process improve and will feel more motivated as they move out of disempowering emotional states such as frustration, anger and anxiety. By the end of the training course, provided you meet the assessment criteria, you will be certified to use mBIT within your own professional coaching, training, or mentoring services.

Who Is mBIT For?

Professional coaches, trainers, educators, leaders, managers, mentors, counsellors and people-helpers. Anyone who works one-on-one with people and who would like to increase their own skill-set and the results they can get for their clients by embracing the new, integrated and highly advanced field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques).

What Will I Learn?

By using and exploring mBraining, a field of study that applies neuroscientific findings to how we make decisions with our head (creativity), heart (compassion) and gut (courage), you will:

  • Discover how to recognise and interpret the different languages of your three main intelligences
  • Gain insights into how your multiple brains produce internal conflict and what to do about it
  • Learn how your heart and gut brains are able to learn and grow new neural pathways, and how to actively educate them for greater intuition and better decisions
  • Understand how to relieve stress quickly by balancing the autonomic nervous system through the mBIT ‘Balanced Breathing’ method
  • Learn how to apply mBraining to your work to maximise the results you can get for your clients by repatterning how their brains work together to support and enhance their life, success and health goals

Listen to my recent webinar on mBraining Integration Techniques – tapping into our head, heart and gut to make better leadership decisions

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