Improving Work Life Balance To Become A More Engaging Leader

The Issue

The demanding pressures of modern-day work and personal life mean that achieving a good work life balance is increasingly hard to achieve. This is especially true for those in leadership roles, where there is an added weight on your shoulders and a higher likelihood of ‘burning out’ if the pressure gets too much. If this balance is off, your work and home environment can quickly turn unhealthy, which is certainly not helpful if you want to become a getter leader. Many leaders feel a burning need to put 100% of their time and energy into the business, fearing failure if they divert any of their time elsewhere. If you leave yourself no time for personal enjoyment, you will not be able to lead properly, as you will feel stressed out and exhausted.

An effective leader encourages their team to maintain a healthy work life balance too. This increases productivity and helps everyone to avoid the ‘burn out’ stage. Whilst the balance may look different for everyone, two components are vital to the process: flexibility and happiness.

Benefits Of Maintaining A Healthy Work Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy approach to work can substantially increase productivity with higher levels of energy to complete tasks, reach goals and motivate teams so do the same. Further benefits of getting the balance right are:

  • Increased job satisfaction for both you and your team
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing, leading to less time off sick
  • Increased success in meeting deadlines and reaching goals, without feeling overly pressured
  • Time to invest in personal relationships and ambitions that contribute to your overall happiness

Thoughts To Change 

Maintaining a flexible work environment can be one of the most effective ways to encourage a good work life balance for yourself and your team. A flexible work environment has been known to decrease stress and increase productivity and job satisfaction. Prioritising the needs and wellbeing of employees is crucial in this process, as is upholding a healthy business culture. Whilst boosting business productivity to reach the end goal is a key aim for many leaders, ensuring that their staff are content and committed to the role is, or certainly should be, of equal importance.

Some ways to introduce a healthy work life balance to your business are:

  • Create reasonable boundaries to ensure you are ‘shutting off’ at certain points of the day. This could mean turning your phone off during lunch, or not checking emails after a certain time
  • Make time for things that you enjoy doing to allow yourself to temporarily switch off from work and approach tasks with a fresh mind
  • Take (and encourage your team to take) regular breaks to avoid tiredness affecting the quality of your work and increasing your stress levels

“Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management. Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.”

Betsy Jacobson

Do You Want To Maintain A Healthier Work Life Balance & Become A More Engaging Leader?

Through Executive Coaching and Leadership Training you are guided through a bespoke plan and set of exercises, that focus on work life balance while highlighting and discussing related issues. This is done through a series of face-to-face sessions, where the thought to change and influence others is instilled on the leader for the benefit of the entire team and success of the business. The ultimate goal is to help Senior Executives, Corporate Leaders and new managers become the strongest, most engaging leaders that they can be.

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