Fast-track your way to becoming the strongest, most engaging leader you can be

You work harder than most people you know. You make sacrifices. You’re away from home a lot. And yet, you wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re not already at the top of the corporate ladder, you’re certainly climbing your way up. 

However, with such achievement comes a ream of personal and professional challenges, such as prioritising your mental and physical health alongside your work and managing a team of people so you always get the best out of them. 

Rather than let those challenges delay you from reaching your ultimate potential, what if you could:

  • Consistently make the best business decisions and confidently explain your reasons behind them
  • Engage your team so they’re motivated to perform at their peak day after day and hold themselves accountable for their actions
  • Handle conflict and performance management issues quickly and calmly without the worry of project disruption keeping you awake at night
  • Build resilience and compassion for yourself and others without compromising business goals, margins, or timescales
  • Present with poise and passion to the board because you trust that your team has delivered reliable data 
  • Find a way to get useful insights and feedback from the people around you while maintaining control and authority 

And what if you could do it all while being able to manage and minimise the stress that comes with the territory, even when you’re trying to relax on a rare evening off?

With me as your executive partner, you can

The work we undertake will be less about what you need to do and more about how to do it. Thanks to my 25+ years of experience running my own business and working within corporate organisations, a Masters in Applied Coaching, and 12+ years of guiding high performers on becoming the leaders they truly want to be, I have a knack for recognising the real issues at play and knowing what actions will overcome them. 

Using a personalised variety of coaching tools and professional techniques, we’ll decipher exactly the kind of leader you want to be, and what you need to do to make that happen. There’s no curriculum found here. I meet you where you’re at and carefully select the specific tools and techniques that will work for your personality, your circumstances, and your goals. That’s why my clients see results – fast. 

A word of warning: If you don’t want to be seen, heard, and challenged, I’m not the partner for you.

Gayle has a genuine interest in what I do, what I need, who I am, how I think, my strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these aspects and building on strengths and assisting with problem solving is an outstanding skill. 

Client Quote

Gayle has got your back, she will support you and challenge you to achieve what you want to achieve, she will ask the awkward questions that will make the difference, she provides an intensity of focus that is refreshing in this distracted world.

Client Quote