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Are you looking for ways to hone and enhance your leadership? Whether you have just stepped up into a leadership role and are seeking some guidance to help you get started, or you have been leading people for a while and are keen to stay fresh and motivated, read on to find out how our latest series of webinars can help.

Our expert webinars have been designed to stimulate your brain and provide you with new ideas and inspiration for your own style of leadership. The webinars are pre-recorded to allow you to access them when it’s most convenient for you. Presented in a fluid format, each one covers a variety of topics, from keeping staff motivated through challenging times to developing a healthy work-life balance.

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Some topics we will be discussing in our regular webinars are:

  • Making great decisions in less than great circumstances – connecting head, heart and gut.
  • Managing stress and mental health whilst working from home – creating autonomic balance, taking actions and having effective conversations.
  • How dealing with crisis changes your leadership style – should we allow it to change?
  • Learning from challenging situations to build resilience. What does resilience mean in practice?
  • Dealing with closing your business – the emotion and the reality.